F/W 2024 Couture Lookbook

“An illusion of the surreal, Kate Barton’s designs are sculpted and shaped to give the image of a present future.”

With her Fall/Winter 2024 collection, Barton, recognized for her technological and avant-garde approach, introduces a line that seamlessly merges the tactile with the virtual.

Barton delves deeper into the exploration of new materials, introducing a series of separates that redefine the notion of versatility and wearability. Her commitment to expanding the retail and direct-to-consumer market is evident in her strategic shift towards more accessible ready-to-wear pieces. Yet, she maintains her signature use of innovative and sustainable techniques, such as molded draping, ensuring that each garment remains a testament to her unique design philosophy.

The presentation is a multidimensional art show, where live models and mannequins stand amidst art installation garments, enveloped in an immersive environment of photography, video, and augmented reality (AR). The introduction of AR virtual try-on is a playful move, aligning with Barton’s vision for the future of retail, and her commitment to accessibility and innovation. This choice of format is a deliberate nod to the digital age, blurring the lines between the physical and the virtual, and responding to the curiosity of her audience on social media regarding the reality of her creations. Barton plays with the perception of her garments, pushing the envelope to create pieces that, while entirely real, possess the ethereal quality of 3D imaging.