Kate Barton


The KATE BARTON label has a modern, innovative, and conscientious voice that can express a new take on American evening wear, one that is singular and of the time. Barton produces “Haute couture”- inspired artisanal collections that are inventive (sculptural garments), innovative (engineered materials), sustainable (technology-driven cutting and fabric manipulation) and evolutive (optional and changeable embellishments).

With a focus on technology, shape-engineering and avant-garde draping methods, the brand’s sculpturally draped garments explore innovative approaches and hold serendipitous sustainable advances. The brand’s fabric-first approach, ingenious cutting methods, and unconventional material combinations exceed the limit of what expected evening wear looks like, and feels like, to wear. 

Rather than theme-driven seasonal collections I aspire to enhance my singular processes. Each collection is experimental rather than referential. Building on the singular aesthetic affirmed with our introductory collection, delving into developmental fabric with innovative and sustainable manipulation methods to give the experiential creations perpetuity – expanding on the exploration of shape and form.


Kate Barton is an American fashion designer based in NYC. She graduated from SCAD with immediate accolades. Upon graduation in January 2021, Barton started her namesake brand. With limited access to machinery and materials (during the pandemic) she was driven by the necessity to experiment with unconventional materials to innovate sustainable methods to give her experimental creations viability. Kate Barton’s creations, achieve classicism with an unconventional, modernized point of view. 

Kate’s approach is experimental rather than referential. She delves into developmental fabric with innovative and sustainable manipulation methods to give her experiential creations perpetuity. Her fabric-first approach is a sustainable solution that creates maximum volume without excess or layered fabrics. The brand advocates for causes that will lead to positive change, aspiring to build a brand that gives back to organizations in need; fiercely advocating to make a change in her community

Kate is seeking to reinvent evening wear for the 21st Century, and it has not gone unnoticed. It quickly led to early red-carpet collaborations with influential names such as Heidi Klum, Halle Bailey, Kat Graham, Paige DeSorbo and Wallis Day, and securing a slot on the CFDA’s official NYFW calendar. Kate has expeditiously become a finalist for key fashion awards and been featured in Vogue and WWD as this year’s “One to Watch”.

Barton is eager to continue pushing the boundaries on innovation and sustainability within the luxury fashion market with a clear vision that brings a modern approach not often seen in American evening wear.