Kate Barton


Kate Barton is a Kansas City born, American womenswear designer based in New York City. The designer remarks her namesake label as a conversation of intuitive design, creating experimentally-forward reflections that propose a distinct perspective on draping and the feminine form. 

In 2021, Barton received her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, concluding with a highly celebrated thesis collection, garnering exhibition in the CFDA Top Graduate Showcase and becoming the first American to win the Mittelmoda Innovation Prize in Milan. Barton’s designs gracefully evolve, radically balancing the tension between illusion, form and space affirming a definitive vision for design.

Since establishing her brand, Barton’s tenacity in the design space has produced several accolades including: the FGI Rising Star Award and Red Dot Award for Social Cause, while building collaborations with influential brands such as Apple and Snapchat AR. Notable names of the studio include Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Heidi Klum, Halle Bailey, and Kat Graham, highlighting the designer’s work on the red carpet, alongside features in publications: Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and WWD, as well a feature in the upcoming season of Emily in Paris.



Launched in 2021, the KATE BARTON brand introduces an evolved conversation around draping and form, helmed by award-winning American womenswear designer Kate Barton. 

Based in New York, the eponymous brand is known for elevating fabrics gracefully charged by Barton’s self-developed draping method juxtaposing meticulous tailoring with unconventional garment construction, producing bold silhouettes with subtle sculptural resonance that elegantly explore the interplay of luxury, form and function. 

Intricate garments are thoughtfully crafted without the need for darts or seams for minimal waste; incorporating bold, mimetic metallic accents that are actually lightweight bonded fabrics and leathers, producing unique designs that exhibit reverence for experimentation with a feminine, modern sensibility. 

Each collection possesses a fluid yet poetically discerning, unpredictable feel that empowers the woman who confidently values discovery and sophistication.